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Is there a way to use WebUI in such scenario?


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Although i guess that answer is no, shall ask anyway :)

My home computer where uTorrent 1.7 running connected to internet via local network of my ISP, i.e. my computer has IP-address from "private network" range 192.168.xx.xx obtained through DHCP and ISP maintains outer gate where NAT service diverts traffic from local network to internet and where HTTP-caching proxy and other network services are running.

uTorrent port cannot be forwarded in any way (just because i cannot control any network related settings) and seems to be my computer is completely unavailable from internet.

What can be done in order to enable WebUI usage from outside world?

I've understand that problem can be resolved by switching to "white" IP-address and by forwarding corresponding ports, but this is not possible due my ISP limitations.

Thanks in advance.

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