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File size Bloats 30-50% more after DL is completed


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I am new here..Thanks for allowing me to join the forums

I would like to find some information re. the file size of the files i DL'd from torrents. For example. I DL'd a 350mb video file (.avi format) the other day, but when i checked the file to be burned to a CDR after completing the DL, the file "miraculously" bloated to a staggering 400+mb file size.

All video files that i recently DL'd (Live Earth, and those action series on TV) resulted the same way (file size bloats, 30-50 % bigger than the orig file)... I tried to manipulate the files using video compression tools, but the resolution and quality were not that good after doing so.

Btw, the Mp3s and audio files that i DL'd did not bloat once completed.

Any reason why?

thanks in advance ! :-)


Manila, Philippines

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