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d/l wont start....


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Hi all. I have 3 d/l's running at the momment.

1 is working albeit ALOT slower than normal, about 1kB/s and I'm used to 100+.

The other 2, which are the same film but different torrents, have not budged since last night at about 12. They have thousands of seeds and peers, but none outside of the brackets, and at least 1.0 avail, although it does jump around alot.

I have never had any trouble like this with Utorrent, and have d/l'd hundreds of torrents with it. I was amazed with it when I first used it.

Anyone got any ideas help or advice? Thanks in advance.

*edit* Oh yeah, forgot to add, in the ETA column it has that little sideways figure 8 symbol

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