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Remote and Local Connections-Is there any way to tell w/ µtorrent?


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Is there any way to tell if I am getting Local and Remote connections? Azuerus and BitComet had Peer stats that let you know if you had both. I found it to be a useful feature to check if the client, firewall, and ports were working well.

I assume µtorrent is currently getting both connections because NAT is OK, DHT is fine, and my download rate has been in the 60kB/s-140kB/s range :).

I could always fire up Azuerus to check, but I don't feel like it.

I can't use my BitComet 0.60 because it mysteriously stopped working around the same time I started using µtorrent ( the EXE file it won't even launch :( ) , maybe it hates me for using µtorrent :lol:.

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