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Demonoid.com's Tracker/A little bit of DL Speed trouble


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Yeah, I hear that Demonoid.com has one of the best trackers around and I'm having quite a bit of trouble with my current ones. I for some reason can't log on to their website to register on any of the days they're open. So an invite woul be much appreciated if anyone has one available. Anyways, that's what I think the problem is with my speed. I'm currently on a high speed internet connection capable of downloading at speed's of 4 mb/s and I am experiencing download speed's of 0-10 kb/s. Ive already attempted port forwarding, and I'm quite the techie, but it still states that my port has been improperly forwarded. I'm running Windows XP Sp2 on a Dell Dimension Desktop 3000, and it is connected through a Dynex Router. Any help would be appreciated.

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