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updated to 1.7 (build 3341) and stopped loading torrents/trackers


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I updated using the auto-update feature when new stable version became available but it was in the middle of downloading a couple of files. One had re-started i got the error message saying that it could not load the torrents. I have tried reloading the trackers and torrent files but to no avail. I do not want to have to restart the downloading for each file as they were nearly done and i dont have much of my monthly download limit left.

Can anyone help?

Im not sure what additional information is required for someone to help but i am running windows XP SP2 if that helps.

Appreciate any help


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Thanks, i didnt realised there was a newer version.

Have updated utorrent but still no change. checked where the torrents were being stored and is in the usual (C:\documents and settings\application data\utorrent). Does it matter that they have been renamed .loaded files by utorrent?

Oh yeah and i read the rules for posting so apologies for not giving enough info earlier:

-- ISP - Amcom

-- Connection speed - "up to" 24Mbs

-- Router make - DSL G604T V.B3 modem/router

-- TCP/IP patch - not sure?

-- Software firewalls - just windows firewall when using utorrent and ports are forwarded

correctly (get the green sign etc..)

-- Antivirus software - AVG free antivirus

-- µTorrent settings - not sure what might be applicable to my problem?

- I have tried to set the utorrent to autoload .torrent files in the folder mentioned above. have tried playing with this (removing this setting etc) and have ensured that this file is set to a different file than the one the torrents are downloaded to .

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Did you set auto-load to the same location as torrent storage? If you did that (and you shouldn't have, it says you shouldn't), then it'll screw everything up. They need to be different folders.

You'll need to remove the .loaded from every single torrent.

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