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Port Forwarding Problem - Zone Alarm


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Hi everyone

Guess this is a bit pathetic but as soon as joining the forum I need help! I run a pc with Vista Home Premium as my o/s. Internet provider is BT and I have a BT home hub. Protection is from Zone Alarm Security Suite 7. Recently installed utorrent 1.7 build 2999 and noticed slow speeds so I thouight I ought to sort it out. Found that port required by utorrent wasn't open (35991). So I went to program control in ZA and set up a new protocol for the incoming (found the guide from somewhere) and applyed. Shut down pc so that both utorrent and ZA were closed and would pick up changes. After a reboot opened up utorrent and tried the port forwarding test but the result said that the port still wasn't open. By the way I also tried an identical process with a p2p (soulseek) that said I needed to configure a port but still showed as closed.

I'm nearly at wit's end - well not really - but I don't know what to do next. Is there something I should also do to the Home Hub? All help would be greatl appreciated. Ta muchly


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