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Font error on uTorrent 1.2 (and 1.2.1 beta3) + Windows NT 4.0


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I've have just started to use uTorrent, it's an impressive peace of software. But I've found something weird. The font that appears in my system doen't match with the screenshots in the web page.

It seem to use Fixedsys font. And it uses it all the time, except in the main menu items, all user interface parts uses it (downloading files list, info tabs, preference windows...).

Any idea about this issue?.

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Of course, you are completely right. It solved the problem.

But, my instalation of NT is completely standard so this problem can (potentially) affect any other NT user. Maybe it worth the cost, put this issue in the faq.

Or may be not, I don't know if there is still any one (aside me) using ye olde NT 4.0. Even Emule in it's last release warn against it...

Well, thanks any way. Your client is the most brilliant example of good resource usage, I've seen in years.

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