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Slow Download Speeds - Most Settings OK - Still Slow


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Here is my connection/software/configuration/situation.


Insight Communications 10mbit/1mbit Cable (RoadRunner I believe)


Windows Vista

AVG Free Edition

Configuration: General

Windows Firewall - Off

Windows Defender - Off

Any Other Firewall? - No

Ports Forwarded? - It is a Cable connection, so there is no need to AFAIK. uTorrent's

inbuilt port detector shows my port (set to 50000) as OPEN

Tried Other Ports Anyway? - Yes, no avail

Checked Cable Speed With DSLReports.com? - Yes. Speeds are as advertised

Tried Downloading "Good" Torrents to Check for bad Swarm? - Yes. I tried downloading

an OpenOffice torrent and a Linux

torrent. Download speeds were a little

better, but nowhere near where they

should be.

Configuration: uTorrent

Upload Capped? - Yes, at 80% (Capped to 90 kByte/sec)

Encryption - Enabled

Global Max Connections - 600

Max Connected Peers per Torrent - 100

Number of Upload Slots per Torrent - 6

Red/Green/Yellow Color Status? - Green

Port? - 50000


Slow downloads, between 0.1 kB/s to 10kB/s (rare, and instantly throttled back down) on regular Torrents, about 20-25 kB/s on OpenOffice and Linux Torrents.

I Should be getting near 1 mB/sec downloads. I understand they will rarely actually reach this, but I would still expect somewhere around 700 kB/sec. I am getting nowhere near that right now.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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