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Setting Schedule Time to Auto Stop Task & Shutdown


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Can utorrent setting a schedule time to auto stop all task and then shutdown Windows?


Setting time 20/7/2007 12:00AM stoping all download task, and then shutdown Windows.

Why Request:

Because I don't want open PC whole day to downloading, if use auto shutdown software may cause utorrent to recheck the torrent, recheck torrent was slower...

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Same thing. Why doesn't uT allows to shutdown according to scheduler. It's ridiculous to use an external software to perform a task which is almost half done in the uT itself. If there are not complete downloads then "Shutdown after downloads" will not work so it would be better to provide a option to Shutdown according to Scheduler.

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Strongly Agreed [with first post].

Can we have this, please?

Since uTorrent already has auto-shutdown, so why not add this too? Would be really great If i can turn off my computer before everyone wake up, so my computer won't eat all the internet bandwithd.

Ultima: Unnecessary quoting killed.

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