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speed died after 80% downloaded


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edit: ok after about an hour and a half of going slow its now going at 70-80kB/s lol, i guess it could be sumthing to do with the availability? it was 1.2 before, and now its 18

original problem:

i read the FAQ, speed guide, portforward stuff, and stickys

i think i have forwarded the ports correctly on my modem (motorola SBG900) and in my firewall settings, but still get the red "!" light for my connection status. saying that a firewall/router is limiting network trafic.

i was downloading a game client 867MB, and it was going at 30-50kB/s (about 10-15kB/s for upload i think), but when it got to about 80%, the speeds went to about 2-6kB/s

even though im not sure i did the port forwarding and speed testing stuff right, im not sure theyre the problem bc it was working fine (well id prefer faster than 50kB/s but i think its just my location, im in australia)

using Trend micro for anti virus/spyware and firewall, using windows xp

sorry if none of wat i said helps anyone to answer, ive been reading through so much stuff my brain is fried and i cant think straight :D

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