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µTorrent causing Windows to reboot(System reset) automatically!!


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I have been using utorrent for over an year and its awsome. Well dint have any problem until now. Just few months ago i upgraded my PC. Heres the config:-

-- AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 3600+ (1.91 GHz)

-- 1 GB DDR2 RAM (256 MB sharing with Graphic Card)

-- NVIDIA GeForce 6100 & nForce 400(onboard)


-- Micro$oft Windows XP Pro(Version 2002) SP2

-- Used utorrent 1.6 and 1.7(beta) & using 1.7 stable

I hope thats info enough bout the h/w & s/w. It so happens that the system hangs up for 1 sec and the reboots automatically when ever I use utorrent. This kind of behaviour is random, I mean dont know after how much time this thing would happen. I tried turnin off the automatic restart option due to which the system just freezes. So then keepin the options like that i tried the Program Compatibility Mode options as Win 95 and also Win 98/Win Me. Dint work either. Never had this problem with previous system. If there are any chances of drivers or dll conflicts known to you plz Inform.

:( At my wits end. PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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