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RSS downloader not working


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I've followed the RSS Downloader tutorial to the letter but am confused as to how/when the torrents actually start downloading. Here's what I did:

- Added some feeds:







- Added a favourite:

Filter: *Monk*

Save in: F:\videos\Monk\Season6

Episode Number: 6x01-24

Give download highest priority

Smart ep. filter

Label: TV Shows

- Waited for the releases to find matching torrents

- Checked the history tab and see the following:

Monk.S0601.DSR.XviD-NoTV (downloaded July 19, 2007 7:33:09 AM)

So now what? I don't see it in the folder that I told it to save in. And I don't see it in the download queue. And I can't double-click or right-click on the item in the history to learn more about it. It's just there but isn't doing anything. What should I be expecting now? Is there anything I need to do to get this to auto-download? Maybe I'm just missing something obvious - wouldn't be the first time. Btw, it's uTorrent v1.6 build 474.

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Some of these are RSS feeds that contain links to web pages, not links to .torrent files. You can subscribe to either in µTorrent and see changes, but it doesn't know what to do with a web page or rather how to go from there to a download. You can open the links in a browser though, and manually download the .torrent file from there.

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What do you mean by subscribing to µTorrent? I thought it was just the software to download torrents - I didn't think it had an RSS feed of recent torrents. Anyway, I'm just looking for a way to automatically download torrent files. I don't want to be doing the searching and downloading myself.

Btw, I removed them from the history and am now just waiting to see if it will find any new ones. I figure I have to give it a bit of time. I don't really know though.

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Ok. I'm not sure I fully understand but it doesn't sound like I need to change any of the feeds per se. I had just copied the url from the respective websites where they had a RSS icon. I figured that would be it - it was the most intuitive route anyway.

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Some of these are RSS feeds that contain links to web pages, not links to .torrent files.

Heh, forgot about that possibility :x But if it were the case, wouldn't µTorrent complain about the files being invalid?

@jannable: Check the feed's source, and see if the links in the <guid>, <link>, or <enclosure ___> tags contain direct links to the .torrent file.

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I opened up some of those source files and browsed through the XML. The links usually just take me to a webpage that contains the link to the torrent file. I guess that's what CodeRed and Firon were talking about.

As for private trackers, it looks like that's the way to go. I don't really plan on trying to hunt down invites to BitemeTV or Oink though. Looks like it would be a pain.

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hi firon, dont know if your aware of this but there is a website script that alters the rss links so that they point at the .torrent files instead at the html info pages, useful for sites such as torrentspy, isohunt etc, check it out:-


also mininova now has a direct download rss link Mininova|http://www.mininova.org/rss.xml?direct

i hope this helps somebody out!.


"Some private trackers have direct download feeds, which you should use. Sites like Torrentspy, mininova and the like don't, though."

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Well, RSSatellite was good, but with http://www.mininova.org/rss.xml?direct - everything is made much easier. Add "⊂=" and your favorite show - that's all you need.

But still, there's always some problem. Has anyone got any idea why releases which are found and marked as "favorites" on the releases tab - don't go into auto-download (my history is empty) ?

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