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saving incompleted pieces..


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I had a lot of problem with my PC lastly, leading in mostt case to system crach which causes µtorrent to shut down suddently and all incompletes pieces are lost.

When I restart the torrent file, verification is made and only initial statut is restored (% when µtorrent started last time before crach). Big amount of data is lost(some time more the 50 MB, with only a 128kb connexion it's a lot of time!)

so please generous programmers, can you add a new features that allow saving those incomplete pieces in a cache file so they don't get lost any more. this cache file will be verified also when download is restarted.

if this feature already exist, I'm wondering why it dosn't work for me.

Thank you in advance !!

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If you disable the write cache (bad idea, IMO), all the pieces you get will immediately get written to disk. You won't lose as much data that way, but your speeds might suffer, although 128kbps tells me that it probably wouldn't make much of a difference anyway.

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