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Option to use automatic upload setting only when not downloading


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As of 1.7.1 we have an automatic upload rate setting in connection preferences. This is in addition to the other 2 preferences, "maximum upload rate" and "alternate upload rate when not downloading". The only problem I have is that the automatic setting works in all cases (both when downloading and not downloading). I think it would be more useful if you could also set it to be used only when not downloading.

As an example I'll explain what I use uTorrent for. I work for the local college and we use uTorrent to download our test datasets. Those of us nearby have high download rates while those farther away (such as other cities and countries) may have lower download rates. Now when downloading I would limit my upload rate to 15kB/s. And when not downloading let it max out if I'm not using the net for other downloads. Now the automatic setting is great cause depending on how I use my connection it's limited as needs be. Only problem is that the download rates are greatly affected by the automatic rate cause it will use what it can for uploading, thereby capping my download speeds. Our test datasets are large 4-25GB. Therefore we want them as quickly as possible, so we have more seeds sooner, plus we can start getting work done faster. As an example, I downloaded a set which was 4.5GB and it took an hour with uTorrent with automatic upload rate off. I then downloaded the same set again, this time with the automatic setting on and it took 7 hours, as my other torrents were getting upload preference.

Now I don't know how useful this feature would be to other community members, I guess it would be well received by anyone who downloads torrents at high speeds.

I would imagine this feature would be easy to implement as you would just be switching on the automatic upload rate setting under another condition.

Glad to hear any comments or ideas about this feature...

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