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Bandwidth Settings Not Working


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[Yes, I've already read the sticky about upload/download limiting not working]

The bandwidth settings for individual torrents are not working. I access these by double-clicking on the individual torrent and then setting specific up and down speeds for certain torrents. Neither up or down speed limits are working.

I'm on Vista Home Basic and just upgraded to 1.7.1 because utorrent prompted me to. That's when the problems began.

Also, the global speed limits are not working either. I access these by right-clicking on the status bar to change speeds. Up and down speed limits are ignored here too.

I would also request that the status bar speeds be shown in the same way they were in previous versions of utorrent: there was one up speed, and one down speed. Now, there are a total of 6 different numbers: 3 for up speed and 3 for down. It's too much info. Please make it an option for those who want/need it, but don't force it on the rest of us. It now takes me quite a while to look at the speed and figure out what the up and down speed are.

I read the following topic which is now closed:


But I'm just a guy connected to the internet and the speeds are not limited from people all over the world. It's got nothing to do with local peers.

I changed nothing on my utorrent client and all these things got changed without me doing anything. My suggestion is that this is a way that causes problems for users as well as for the administrators. It's fine to add additional options, but make them options that people must discover and then turn on. I went from bandwidth limits to no bandwidth limits and I changed nothing. Shouldn't be that way.

Status bar speeds used to be D (for down) and U (for up). Simple. Just the way I liked it. But now it says D L T and U L T. Personally, I will NEVER use L and T. And I would guess that will be the case for most people. Please don't force this on us. Looking at 6 numbers just doesn't register in the brain.

Bottom line, all of this local peer stuff should not be on by default. Nearly all of my traffic shows as local peers, even though it's from all over the world.

Please revert to the way things were.

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Ryan, thanks for your reply. I'd like everyone to understand that I love utorrent and I'm not a whiner. But if one thinks about the process of this change, I think it's a bad one and it would be beneficial to everyone to not do this.

I had specific limits on many of my torrents and everything worked fantastically under my old version of utorrent. Then utorrent prompts me to update. I do it. And everything stops working. That process is simply not a good way to do things. Something should not be working and then break because of an update. That should never happen. If it ain't broke don't "fix" it.

I then had to come find these boards, read a bunch of posts, still didn't find the answer, register to post, and engage in back and forth over a couple of days. Plus, contributors here have to spend a bunch of time answering questions. Waste of time for everyone.

Instead, make all the local stuff be something that is off by default and must be turned on by the user. That way things would not break on update

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Yeah.. I saw that that you edited your post. After I posted.

The thing is that local peers is a good thing. Because it let you dowload/upload faster then you actually should, just becuse they are local peers. But if they were limited by default you'd never never notice this advantage.

If you don't have any local peers, the local peer's speed won't be shown in the speed bar.

The T stands for Total downloaded and has nothing to do with your speed.

So normally there is only 2/3 meters aside that you need look at. Not really a big problem to me.

In your particular case the local peer dectetion seems a bit buggy, and thats why you had to disable it.

But like I said the local peer function has to be enabled by default, because most users don't know if they have local peers or not and so they wouldn't get the benefit.

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Things should never break by default.

And ALL traffic shows up as local for me. I ALWAYS have 6 items to look at. Users should at least have the option to turn this off. Won't go away no matter what changes are made.

I just want things to work, not have to learn all about different settings and traffic, etc. It's fine for "expert" mode, but I had something that was working and then it stopped working because of an update. That's never good.

[Continued problems]

Now I'm experiencing problems even with local stuff turned off. It's hogging all my bandwidth

I'll get out of everyone's hair if someone could explain to me how to go back to a previous version of utorrent that was prior to all this local peer stuff, and be able to use it without losing all my torrents. Unfortunately, I don't remember which version I was using. I do remember that it was not installed, I was just running it as a stand-alone executeable. Can I just delete 1.7.1 and use a previous version? If I set it to my same folders, will it just find all my torrents, or is everything deleted?

Thanks for any help. I was extremely happy with utorrent previously.

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