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utorrent not working in vista


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hi im new to forum im trying to port forward utorrent to for it to go green but it isnt working im using the latest version 1.7.1 i think it is also im on windows vista home premium ive tried open port numbers on me router which is a netgear dg834n model but for some reason it isnt working is there something in vista that is blocking it please help im stuck

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hey guys, i have pretty much exactly the same problem as nemesis, and have had it for a while now, here's the breakout:

-Running Windows Vista Home Premium, D-link DI-524

-I have set my static ip correctly (internet works still)

-I have forwarded ports throught the router, and have done that exactly as the guide says (it really isnt that complicated) don't think the problem is here.

-I'm a "CableRocket" customer, though im sure they are owned by some larger company...

-I have forwarded the ports, and the program to my vista firewall, again pretty basic.

-With all this done, U-torrent will connect to peers/seeds but downloads will trickle in at a random 0.1kbs here and there. And the port check shows the port is still blocked, is there anything else in vista that might block it? Also I was under the impression that cable modems did not act like routers, (I have a Motorola Surfboard Modem) Could this be what is blocking it?

Sorry for the long post, trying to give as much info as possible.

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