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Local Peers only work for short time


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whenever i start a torrent on one computer and it is seeding on another computer on the same network, it will go around 250kbps, which is fine. what isnt fine is that it only does that for a few minutes, and then acts like the local peer isnt there. this is frustrating because the internet connection is usually always maxed out, and it would be much faster just to download locally.

how do i set utorrent to download from local peers instead of the internet?

thanks a lot.

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I would like to prioritize some clients (at the same provider or area) too. if this is possible, the provider would not hate p2p that much (traffic is cheaper) and performance will increase.

another performance enhancing feature i thought of, is a kind of multicast traffic like web-radios. a seeding peer announces multicasts at a specified time to the tracker which informs all leechers to connect to that transmission. a 50k/s upload would result in several mb/s downloads.

if it´s allready supported, the performance is not as good as i expected. :(

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