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uTorrent Hangs on Exit


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I am using Vista, and uTorrent 1.7.1 (build 3360).

I am having the continuing problem as reported at: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=26153

After using uTorrent for a while, and then when I try to close it. the program remains on the screen without response. Nor can you kill the uTorrent process with Task Manager.

Here is how I typically go about Shutting down and attempting to Close utorrent.

First I STOP all uploading and downloading torrents. I wait about a minute, while the internet uploading and downloading slows. I then right clicked utorrent in my Tray (near the clock on the task bar) requesting Exit. Shortly thereafter utorrent stops responding.

Eventually I am able to reboot.

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This MAY not be connected, but when WinXP SP2 closes uTorrent, all the TCP connections that were open REMAIN active! My firewalls (Kerio/Sunbelt and ZoneAlarm) both report activity on these connections, and I can even monitor the traffic!

Maybe VISTA is just waiting for these connections to stop, which could take hours and hours, I think.

My solution is to restart Windows.

Not the best way to handle things, I agree.

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Hi Guys

I have something kinda similar, mostly utorrent works great without a hitch but like nonan the data continues to flow after closing the program. On a couple of occasions when I have started utorrent it has gone through the whole file checking routine as if it were killed rather than closed properly. On the previous close I had closed the program a while before shutting down the PC. The utorrent.exe process had definitely gone from the task manager before I shut down.


uTorrent Ver: 1.7.2

p.s. I love the program, I switched some time ago from the original BitTorrent client and find utorrent much faster to start up, less resource hungry and I particularly like being able to select which parts of a torrent to download. Keep up the great work guys.

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TCP connections left open after µTorrent crashes/closes/whatever...should be closed automatically by the Windows OS as they reach timeout periods for inactivity. This may take a couple seconds to maybe 10 minutes tops.

New connections can be attempted by outsiders trying to reconnect. (Hey, you may have been seeding/downloading moments before!) If you're port forwarded, your computer will at least briefly make a full connection and then sometime later (maybe 1 second, maybe 30 seconds, maybe 2 mins) pass the 'bye' packet because you're no longer running a BitTorrent client.

...so your firewall software typically goes nuts over that.

But it's standard behavior by all BitTorrent clients to do that.

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i was having the same problem, uTorrent was hanging and it wouldn't be removed from my Task Manager even if i tried to End Process or End Process Tree.

I read that Zone Alarm Pro (My Firewall) could be the problem.

I deleted it, and low and behold! uTorrent is back up and running with mammoth speeds again.

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