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data on resume.dat file gone


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I was playing a game and suddenly it froze, no alt+tab, no window-button, no alt+f4, the whole system was frozen. So I had only one choice: restart. This thing has happened a LOT of times I tell you but what happened this time made me looking at my screen for nearly 5 minutes without being able to believe what i was seeing. I opened utorent and EVERYTHING was gone. All the downloads were gone. All the files were gone. The list was EMPTY. Only the statistics weren't damaged. Of course what i checked first was the 'root' of the utorrent: [(Drive):/Documents and Settings/(user)/Application Data/uTorrent]. I opened all the .dat files in text editor. Settings looked ok, dht looked ok too, rss prolly ok, resume.dat was EMPTY. The only thing it had inside was a 'de'. Is it all gone? Does anybody know if utorrent saves the same files in any other directory? is there any way I can recover the 'lost files'? The list in the utorrent with the completed downloads and stuff is important to me because it is like history. I can easily see when i dl'd a file, how long did it take and stuff.

I was astonished by the fact that this time everything was gone. I mean i have restarted my pc for the same reason some trillions of times but every single time when it booted again the program would only say that the file blablabla is missing and blablabla was destroyed and blabla was restored and stuff and everything was alright. Why the hell did it happened NOW?!

Well if anyone knows if theres any way to recover the files, or if theres any other directory in which they are saved please tell me..

EDIT: hm well i read some previous posts when ppl had the same problem but they all had backups.. i have an old backup which dates some months back.. so its useless..

well the last chance is if theres any backup made by utorrent anywhere else.. does anyone know if such a thing exists?!?

and both the .old and the new one are 'de'

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