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green port indicator stays on even if port closed hours ago


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I keep a specific port open in my router for utorrent (and upnp is turned off). The green indicator shows fine in utorrent. But my router is lousy, and it closes that port anytime it reconnects. But uotorrent does not realize that, it seems.. because the green indicator keeps green even hours after the port was actually closed.

I suggest that utorrent checks back often to see if the port is still open.

Many thanks.

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well, that's what I meant. I thought created= established ... but if there are no incoming connections at all, they will never be created/established ... :rolleyes:

BTW, here is an idea for new feature that can help (1.8 ?) :

* add a reset counters button inside the statistics dialog

* add currently created/established connections # inside the statistics

* add a "display statistics/status" in the right click menu over the net status icon

This may be helpful with such problems ..

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