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Just wonder...


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Im just wonder whats this meaning.

When I check for update utorrent client my avp say that

Trojan.generic detected in


I mean, wtf? Is it dangerious?

Anyway what's this file? and what for? Any reason to unlock it coz without my client, my new clien that I have been hoodoo to renew, cant starting right. Its a bit sux u know. Is it possible that urs new vression have some trojan?



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maybe....but moustly it justifies itself and I dont have any reasons to disbelieve2it

its not heuristics...seems2me , it say that it proactive defence based on analysis of aplication activity, and as I understand, it may be dangerious? right?

anyway what is this tmp for and why eithout it client cant start?

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its a bit difficultly, I should make all system scan report than sysinfo repost then and then and after then... I try one time, its a long story... and in many cases answer is ask for developer :)

all I want is 2know that itis save for me 2 use this new client on my pc and there are no any malicious stuff that can crush it down, again ;)

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