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Chronological Ordering - Again


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The Idea

I've searched extensively on this topic and there's alot of old threads asking for chronological ordering that end up talking about queue management and whilst queue management seems to be addressed now, the lack of chronological ordering for seeding torrents is really really bugging me.


I'm not talking about anything to do with the queuing of torrents or what order they download in. I'm talking purely displaying seeding torrents in an order corresponding to when the were added to utorrent or alternatively when they finished downloading.

My reasons for wanting this:

I currently sort by the # column and it's great having currently downloaded torrents up the top, but when it finishes, it dissapears down into my huge list of seeding torrents. I find myself constantly scrolling up and down through the list searching (albeit aided by being alphabetically sorted) for recently finished torrents. If I were able to sort my torrents chronologically then the torrents that had most recently finished would be right underneath the ones that were still downloading. It seems much more intuitive to have it this way than the alphabetically sorted seeding torrents way at the moment.

Possibly implementations

I acknowledge that there's no real need to add another column that has numbers in it purely to add sortability based on chronology but I'd really love some way of doing this. The numbered column in Azureus seems to do this job but I'm not suggesting it's ideal.

The easiest way to achieve (which I think someone else already mentioned somewhere else) is modifying the # column so that seeding torrents don't just have a * for their number, but maybe *number where number is the largest number already in the list plus one. This way when you sort by this column, all seeded torrents don't just have the same value of * and thus default to alphabetical name ordering.


The drawback of this is that it's muddling the queue management features with simple display ordering.

Another possible drawback is that it's a feature that only a few people would use, thus it's not worth adding it if it annoys those that don't use it. If it were to be implemented as another column, it could come off by default, thereby not affecting people who don't need it. If it were implemented as the modification to the # column, perhaps a simple checkbox in the options saying "number seeded torrents also" would suffice for those who don't need it. Or perhaps it won't even affect people enough to warrant the ability to disable it.

Anyway, I really hope people don't just dismiss this, because it'd be a really handy feature for me and I'm sure many others.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

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Nice Adrian, I tried to suggest the same some time ago.

I really miss this feature!

VOTE YES HERE: http://www.niteshdw.com/utorrent/index.php?a=vote&vote=yes&id=61


I'm not sure if that vote link is exactly what I'm asking for, but it sounds like it might handle what I want as well.

I tried making a Feature Request vote thing, but maybe someone needs to approve it before it appears.

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So.. There are still no plans to fix ordering of seeding torrents??

Its getting more and more difficult to use utorrent at all when u cant figure out what torrent finished downloading last.. :/

A simple fix would be to add nr to seeding torrents too.

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