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Infinite ETA for only some torrents


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Some of my torrents have infinite ETAs and seems to be stuck at 0%. I know it's not a firewall issue as some of my torrents do download properly.

The weird thing is, the torrents that don't download all have many seeds and leechers (I'm fairly new to this so I don't know all the terminology). The numbers say "2 (120)" under Seeds and "0 (1426)" under Peers, for this particular torrent which has infinity as the ETA, is stuck at 0% and has a down speed of 0 kb/s.

A torrent I am downloading which does work says "2 (2)" and "0 (536)", respectively, has an ETA of 16h 5m and a down speed of 7 kb/s ish.

What's going on? If this is a popular torrent (as would seem to indicate by the number of Peers) why won't it download?

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It is indeed BT, but this has only been happening for the past few days. Have BT suddenly changed their policies or something?

EDIT: Aha, I seem to have got somewhere! After reading on the forum about BT throttling BitTorrent traffic (bastards, it's our right to download what we want, but I digress) I changed my settings to this:

- Global Maximum Number of Connections = 40

- Max. No. of connected peers per torrent = 20

- No. upload slots per torrent = 4

And I also disabled all the DHT stuff (unchecked all the boxes) and enabled the scheduler to cut back on torrents between 6pm and midnight.

Seems to be working alright so far...

EDIT 2: I have come to the conclusion that one of the torrents (the main culprit for infinite ETAs) is just rubbish. I tried the OpenOffice torrent again and it's working fine, just this one torrent that isn't working. Which is a shame as it's the one I really want. Oh well...

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