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Crash when removing torrents with missing data


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- uTorrent 1.7.1 (the stable download)

- have about 130 torrents listed, with about 8 active, 4 downloading.

- partially delete content of about 4 non-active torrents (so only the data, the folders, and also some ~uTorrentPartFile*.dat files, if they're there, without using uTorrent)

- exit, restart uTorrent

- in uT select the 4 red crossed torrents (they've got errors, since their content has changed or disappeared)

- right-click and choose "Remove And Delete .torrent + data"

Voila! Hang and divide zero stuff or something..

(did not happen with previous stable)

All this next to using PG2 (although I doubt it has influence here), and it happens both in Windows 2000 (up to date) and XP x64.

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Can't reproduce the problem here either. I'm inclined to believe he's experiencing this problem, really, as that's the only "hang" I notice.

What I used to test: http://ultima.utorrent.googlepages.com/Test.rar (created all of that manually xD)

As a side note, my set of 130 test torrents that I laboriously created just to test this came in handy for reproducing Honeyfrog's report... It's easy to see the interface hang when handling torrents with this many files. Easy enough that I've posted a test case.

@hanssen: Clarify your terms. First you say crash, then you say hang, but a crash is different from a hang.

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