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What next when successfully downloaded


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Right click, choose open containing folder. Unpack and burn your game. But most important! Dont forget to seed, that's how the community works. See to that there is at least a ratio of 1.2, and/or at least more seeders besides you!

And feel free to ask if in doubt. It's no shame to be new in anything. ;o)

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This would be better in the chat section...

It really depends on the type of file you downloaded. If it's an ISO image or NRG image, you should burn it directly to a CD or DVD depending on the size and run it from your CD/DVD player.

If it's an EXE file you should just double click on it in Windows and off you go for the installation.

If it's a RAR or ZIP you have to unpack it like ClaudiuS mentioned. That means using Windows or WinRAR to uncompress the files to a folder and then go from there.

In any way, I'd be very carefull with running applications that are not from safe sources. Before executing any file scan for viruses and trojans.

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