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Speed Problems | Me or my ISP? | Bezeq Benleumi


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Something strange is going on with my ISP, when I ask for a Static dedicated IP with my ISP (Bezeq BenLeumi, Israel) I get faster download speeds, The fee for a static IP is an addition of about 25$/month.

I am not 100% sure if that's whats kikin` my speed.

Anyway, I cancelled that Static IP, and now I am on a dynamic.

Many popular torrents with thousands of seeders and leechers do not start off, they just die, the really really high ones - download at a low speed.

Please take a look:


I have called my isp, and they notified me that they don't block ANY ports, and they fully support bitTorrent downloads. I have never had a problem before. I am an old school torrent user :P

My Connection Info:

** I am a DMZ host on my router, so all ports are forwarded.

** No Firewall

** Port is open ok

** Connection ok

** NetMax_HalfOpen =50

** Tried Various settings for Global / Peer Connections (tried more than 20 settings) almost all gave me a max d/l speed of 100 - 190kb/sec which sucks. (I am used to 680kb/sec .. on my static ip)

On the other hand: I tried the Slackware Torrent, and it downloaded in full speeds.

But still something seems really fishy.. I am downloading from a NEW MOVIE torrent, MiniMova showing over 14,000 seeders. Utorrent showing 39(1397) Seeds & 34(9741) Peers. 5217 Peers in Swarm. Current download: 35kb/sec. Is that normal?

I don't know what else to think of. Any help would be cool! ;))

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I am pretty sure that ISP throttles. Almost everything in Israel does.

However you can try reducing overheads so more of your bandwidth is spent downloading and uploading the torrent.

Disable DHT (you REALLY shouldn't need it on a torrent like that :P), disable Resolve IP in peers window, and disable UPnP if you don't need it.

Reduce connections further...ironically, some of the best speeds come from having only about 10-30 total connections on a torrent rather than having 100+.

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