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Speed problems with Lynksys WRT54Gv5 w/firmware update


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I have done everything in the guides, FAQ's and am still having problems. I am running Windows XP SP2, Router: Lynksys WRT54Gv5 with firmware update 1.02.2 (the latest). This latest update was supposed to resolve port forwarding issues. I am still getting a yellow triangle at the bottom of the screen and when I check the port forwarding checker, it says it appears to not be open.

I am now using a static ip address, and followed the manual port forwarding instructions for both the router, the control panel and UTorrent settings. Although the router instructions did not say anything about the settings on the Basic setup, where you check a box for 5 different options; DHCP Server - Automatic, Static IP, PPoE and 3 others that don't pertain. When everything else did not work, I went ahead and changed the DHCP Server setting to Static IP, but I wasn't sure what settings to put in for the Computer IP address and the Router address. There was a conflict as the WAN and LAN were the same.

UTorrent Settings:

Using NON-random port 10002

The only box checked on 'connection' page is "Enable NAT"

Version 1.7.1

Speed Test Results: 1248 kb/s download; 316 kb/s upload

Maximum Upload on Global Bandwidth Setting is 32 (following instructions to convert to kBs.)

Nothing else in boxes on 'connection' page. Maximum download is '0'.

Bit Torrent Page:

Global Maximum number of connections: 230

Max # of connected peers: 80

# upload slots: 4

All boxes checked in next section except 'Limit Local Peer Bandwidth"

Protocol Encryption: Enabled & Allowing Incoming Legacy, checked.

My downspeeds rarely go over 2-5 kB/s, upload speeds fluctuate about the same and sometimes drop off completely. It's going to take over a week to download anything!

I also tried the original settings to allow automatic port forwarding. No luck either. Although, a smaller file that I tried that had 54 megabytes, downloaded completely in about 24 minutes. I now am the seed, but not a whole lot of activity. Maybe no one was interested in this file like I was?

My modem is a SpeedStream 5100 by Efficient.

Using Avast with modification to P2P shield unchecking boxes in custom area for bit torrent and utorrent.

My ISP provider is sbcglobal yahoo att.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Please let me know if you need additional info. I am a newbie and have tried to follow the rules thus far, but I may have overlooked a thing or two.

Thank you for your help!

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After reading your post I am starting to wonder if you managed to configure your router correctly.

On the Linksys: Head topic no.5 "something & Games" you have the first subtopic.

In there you should add a new rule that could look something like this:

[ uTorrent ] [ 10002 ] [ 10002 ] [ both ] [ put your internal IP in here] [ v ]

If you configure your computer to use a static IP then the ip-adress destination will never change. I think you truly need to check thruu the settings in your LinkSys and see if everything is setup correct.

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Well I checked the info about 2 routers, and the speedstream 5100 is only a modem. It has the same public ip address as the one listed on the home page as port forward.com, and there is nothing in the modem console that says anything about port forwarding or servers. So, as of today, I have converted my router to use DD-WRT software and now I will try the static ip and port forwarding again. I will let you all know what happens....thanks for such great input!

ok...with the new DD-WRT upgrade, I seem to be getting some activity..but I have not port forwarded. I wanted to ask first about the following scenario...

I'm trying 2 different files to download. On one of them, there are 10(11) seeds, and 11 (289) peers. Not sure what all that means, but the speeds are better here. I'm getting between 18-50 kB/s on the download and 26-38 kB/s on the upload. On the other file, it reads, 1(1) seed, 2(15)peers; download speed between 1-2kB/s and 4-5 kB/s.

It seems to me that things could be a lot better. If I am getting things through back and forth, why do I still have the yellow triangle at the bottom of the page indicating that I have a problem with network connection? If I try port forwarding, should I use the portforward.com instruction? Do I get a static IP first? Is there anything I should know about the static IP before getting one?

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