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Known viruses that slow internet speed?


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I normally have a very fast connection that has about a 1.5-2Mbps DL limit and a 2Mbps UL limit. I have forwarded my ports to previously great success. Recently my DL speeds have dropped from a usual 1Mb to about 100-116kB max. Nothing has changed in my set-up. Just the speed.

I ran my ISPs speed checker and my speed usually over 116Mbps is now at around 49Mbps. I will call my ISP tomorrow but just to be certain I wanted to ask this question: are there any common viruses that interrupt internet speeds?

I ask because the last time I switched to this optic fiber service I couldn't get full speeds because my PC had some sort of virus that was interrupting the signal. The connection into my place was fine, but my PC wouldn't accept the bandwidth. I had to have my PC reformatted and everything. I'm wondering if that's what happened now...

Any help?

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