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Any place where i can dl 1.7 again?


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1.7.2 is fine by my tests but it isn't going to get any better for you by just whining mate. Try posting things like your settings and your setup(OS, modem/router, software firewalls, antivirus, or anything else that could affect performance). You might also try getting back to defaults as he said, as I have had issue in the past with updates to utorrent versions with old config files, The quick and dirty way is to show hidden folders then go to C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data. Find a folder named utorrent. You might want to copy+paste the torrents folder within to somewhere safe, Now delete the entire utorrent folder, This will nuke all configuration files and settings. Start utorrent and reconfigure as you liked it, If you have everything downloaded to same default directory, shutdown utorrent and paste the torrents folder back into the utorrent folder that was recreated after you started utorrent. Start utorrent again and off you go after a few hash checks!

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