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problem with DHT and encryption. I need to get to the bottom of this!


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ok here's the thing. i'm a member of a site that I know has private flag enabled for torrents. but when I have DHT and protocol encryption or 'allow legacy connections' enabled, it seems hundreds of users are able to access my torrent and start downloading even though they aren't member of the particular site.

But, the moment I turn off encryption, they will start disappearing.

My concern is, do I really need protocol encryption and DHT enabled? I heard it didn't matter if DHT was enabled if tracker is private.

Something I noticed about these unauthorized users: they always have a china flag, they always have client that says Flashget, BitSpirit, Unknown XL, or [Fake] something. And they always use port 65535

I need to get to the bottom of this! Why is this happening! If you need more info just ask!

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Disable DHT when you are on Private Trackers. Using it there will only cause you not getting the full credit for your Ratio Stats.

Use the Forced Encryption and allow the Incoming Legacy. If your ISP Throttles you, don't allow the Legacy connections an try port 1720 or 1723.

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