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Automatic Upload = low download?


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My connection:

Line rate - upstream: 352 Kbps

Line rate - downstream: 2464 Kbps

max global 500

max per torrent 300

max ul slot 4

use additional ul slot if speed < 90% enabled

i'm able to upload torrents @ 33k when not downloading anything...

i've set max 33 for both the speeds, then enabled "automatic upload", the problem is that during certain times when i've torrents downloading quite fast, it keep pushing the UL very high, increasing the overhead, and the torrent speed decrease a lot...

for example... downloading a torrent @ 240k, with UL limited to 15k is ok, but with automatic upload turned on the DL speed decrese as low as less then 100k...

i really do not know if that's a problem due to the overhead or to the delay introduced by the UL upstream saturation... but i really liked the automatic upload... is there away i can tune it to get it working properly with my connection?


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