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Remove files from multi-file torrent (rookie-question!)


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I am currently downloading a torrent that consists of many files. Unfortunately I am running out of hard drive space. So I'd like to ask:

- is it possible to remove some of the completed files (to another drive) without removing the torrent altogether?

- and, if so, is it "bad behaviour"? I can't really tell which of the files are being used as seeds elsewhere (or can I?)

By the way. I just spend an hour or so reading thru the headlines in this General forum - and I'd like to state, that question headings like "noobi question" isn't very informative! It generates a massive waste of time to open these threads to find out if it relates to ones problems.

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Stop the torrent. Skip the files in µtorrent. Remove the files in question. Force a re-check. Start the torrent.

Because of pieces overlapping some of the files might be recreated and the pieces in question will have to be redownloaded.

Skipping files that are finished is a bit dubious but as long as there is enough availability in the torrent and as long as you share back to your ratio I guess it can be tolerated.

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