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Incompatibility with browsers


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I got a problem. After I ran uTorrent the browsers (Opera, MSIE) became unstable - all the downloads via http may stop at any point, connection to any site may take minutes, sometimes no connection at all. I thought it might be a problem with FW (I have Outpost), but after unloading of uTorrent this problem persists. I wrote to agnitum techsupport, but don't have the answer yet. Here I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever met this sort of problem or have any idea what it might be.

uTorrent used - 1.6.1 and 1.7.1. No problems with NAT. Downloads everything fine. Connection to internet is via router, uPnP is on and seems to be OK. Win XP Home Ed.

Why I thought it was a problem with WF - it reports from time to time "wrong DNS query" and quite seldom - "My address attack", when it blocks the subnet. But when I unblock it, nothing changes.

Thank you.

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