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Unable to follow the set-up upload speed limit


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@DeadmanX: Edit: My UL will not raise, it go down to ca. 5kB/s.

@kurahashi: i have, no change.

@Switeck: I have, no change.

(µTorrent doesn´t follow my order since 3Weeks, but 3month before this, µTorrent work´s great. (DL=ca.700kB/s))


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Sorry for the late reply.

My pc just crash... >_<

I set my upload speed 20kB/s but it WILL go way up to 30+ kB/s.

That's frustating since any speed above 20kB/s will DEFINATELY slowing down my download speed.

Under connection the [ ] Automatic is not mark.


Balabala,i just installed it recently.

I really hope this could be fix ^^

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Ok, I think we've eliminated the "easy" causes.

So the only fix I can suggest now is COMPLETELY wipe out µTorrent's settings files.

...Then re-run µTorrent and do Speed Guide (CTRL+G) to set µTorrent's settings based on your connection's upload speed.

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Actually....I'd tried but it's not working...

But,it's kinda strange.

My upload speed is not ALWAYS above 20kB/s,currently it's around 10kB/s so it's all fine ^^

So,what was the problem anyway?I mean,"why wouldnt the program listen my command"?

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I use utorrent with my Comcast ISP. Comcast limits upload speed to 50kB/sec. This is fine, when I am otherwise Internet active, since I have discovered that any upload speed >35kB/sec makes screen changing extremely slow, and other new Internet access impossible. For some reason, however, download speeds of as much as 160kB/sec seem to have no effect on other operations On the other hand, it also seems that 35kB/sec provides the optimum combo of upload/download speeds.

If you plan on seeding files to >=100% (as I do), you have to remember that since most files download much faster than they upload, the upload speed, and seeding ratio desired, are what determine how long a file must be active on your system.

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DeadmanX, then the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting that's closest to your upload speed is xx/384k.

Balabala, it seems extremely likely that you're not using any of the default Speed Guide settings...but one (or more) of those settings is probably to blame for the excessive upload speed.

wizard, try Speed Guide setting xx/384k.

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Hi switeck.

It make´s me insane.

Why µorrent work 3month perfect(for me-DL=ca.700kB/s) without Speed-guide optimum settings.

(i have found my own settings)

and then, WITHOUT changing the settings, my max.DL is ca. 60-80kB/s

and it go`s from 20kB/s to 80kB/s up and down

the only change i made is update µTorrent.

First 1.7 build 2999, then 1.7.2

Automatic UL: is off.

when µorrent reaches the seeding goal: is off.

Speed-guide: ISP UL optimum settings: no change

Please read my post.

i hope, you can read german.

Seit ca. 3 Monaten benutze ich das µTorrent Programm, es hat auch prima funktioniert,

bis es vor ein paar tagen anfing, verrückt zu spielen.

Sobald der DL 55kB/s erreicht, "fällt" der UL von eingestellten 25kB/s um bis zu 50%

und steigt wieder auf 25kB/s an.

In der Zeit, die der UL dafür braucht (ca.5-20 sek.), "fällt" den DL runter bis ca 30kB/s.

Ist der UL bei 25kB/s angekommen, beginnt der DL wieder zu steigen,

nur um bei ca. 55kB/s wieder mit dem UL abzufallen.

Und das gleiche geht von vorne los.

(zum vergleich; UL=ziemlich konstant 25kB/s , DL=bis zu 700kB/s)

der speedtest auf www.wieistmeineip.de bestätigt, das mit meiner 6K leitung von arcor alles

in ordnung ist.

ICH HABE KEINE EINSTELLUNGEN VERÄNDERT. (und welche könnte DAS bewirken.???)

Der trackerstatus meldet: arbeitet.

Wenn ich von http://distribution.openoffice.org/p2p/index.html die open-office-file

OOo_2[1].2.1_Win32Intel_install_de.exe Downloade, macht µorrent das mit bis

zu 270kB/s !! und nur geringem UL.

Downloade ich eine X-beliebige 2. file dazu, steigt der DL auf max. 218 kB/s

(X-bel. file hat davon 20kB/s DL), und der UL sinkt von 25kB/s auf 2-5kB/s.

Ich hoffe, ich habe mich einigermaßen verständlich ausgedrückt,

und das jemandem zu diesem problem eine lösung bekannt ist.


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I can't read German.

Many German ISPs heavily throttle BitTorrent...or will do so once their customers run BitTorrent for awhile (thus 'works perfectly for 3 months, then goes to crap').

I still don't know what your line is rated for or what settings you're using.

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I tried the speed guide.

But,it's too slow since 2 active downloads at a time only.

It can hardly reach 10kB/s lllO_o

Okay,I guess I'll try and re-try all the methods to make this uTorrent understand me.

So,Switeck can you list out all the methods I should try?It doesnt matter if I'd said "I'd tried" in my previous posts since I'm going to retry all of em'.

Thanks in advance! ^^

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So you really weren't using the recommended settings for your connection?

Ok, even if you allowed slightly too many torrents active at once (such as 4 or 5), then it may still be ok as long as you weren't allowing more than 100 total connections at once.

Just remember to calculate your average upload speed PER upload slot!

If you're running 4 torrents with 4 upload slots each at 20 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed total, then your average upload speed per upload slot is only 1.25 KiloBYTES/sec.

If that value falls below 1 KiloBYTE/sec, even the BitTorrent protocol will fail to perform properly...and stuff like upload speed limiting WILL fail.

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