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How to pick what data is listed in logger tab.


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Hello people!

When I started using uT Ver 1.6 last nov. the logger tab showed 3 things. 1) packet hash fails, 2)IP's that were band because of too many hash fails and 3)Names of torrent files that were moved from the download location to the Finished Downloads directory. Only these 3 items were in the logger tab-

I always have - log peer traffic,log errors and verbose - NOT checked.

As I updated the prog. over the last few months I no longer see this info(Now on ver 1.7.2). I can set the logger tab to show lots of different data BUT not these 3 items.

Is there a way to set the logger tab to show these 3 items? or did I somehow screw up the logger tab info settings?

Thanks for any help!

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