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Leecher versions of Utorrent


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What really concerns me now, is not BitComet, BitTyrant or other clients that we know. What is more concerning, is I know of a program that is being widely distributed that modifies uTorrent 1.6.1 into a leecher client....and it apparently is quite successful at fooling most trackers.

That really disturbs me as Utorrent is one of the most popular clients...

my question can the latest version of Utorrent detect this client and at least choke it and is the latest version less susceptible to being modified for the low life people who use such modified versions.

The site in question also has modified leecher versions of Azureus too, but all before

I get sus on users using really old versions....but uTorrent 1.6.1 is still widely used and not really that old....

I would really like to weed out these scum bags, but it seems to be increasingly difficult to really know who is an honest peer.

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Well this is nothing new. There are leecher clients for all versions of Azureus.

Actually it was on Azureus it all begun. Azureus has the most sophisticated and evolved cheats out there. Take a look on this screenie to see what I'm talking about. I believe the cheats for utorrent is rather basic compared to that. The main reason for this is that azureus is open source, and hackers can fully implement cheats in the client they way like, just like any other plugin on their page.

With utorrent there is at least a litle more challange to build working cheats as they have to reverse engineer the code.

In utorrent's case you also have to decompress the exe, which is fairly easy atm.

I think it's in this point where utorrent can make it harder for the cheaters. For example they could build a custom loader to decompress the exe instead of using the generic one (which can be cracked premade tools).

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Interesting screenshot, but I think I am missing something. While some options may indeed speed up the program (like 6 or 7) other are crazy (like 3) or really strange (like 5)...

No upload = no download everyone should know that.

And why not sending the completed signal? I do not know bittorrent protocol much, but it sounds crazy.

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