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utorrent automatically starts in a normal window


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I upgraded to utorrent 1.7.1, and then 1.7.2 when it came out. Since version 1.7.1, when I start up my computer, I find that utorrent does not open minimized to the system tray, although there is usually an icon there, but rather starts running in a normal sized window. This only happened with earlier versions of utorrent if I had the window open when I shut down the program. Is there a new setting I cannot find that is causing this, or is it a bug? Is anyone else having this problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

System info:

Intel Core 2 duo E6300, MSI P965 NEO mainboard, 1 GB ram DDR2-667, 160 GB Western Digital harddrive, Soundblaster Live 5.1 Soundcard. Nvidia Geforce 6200 TC Video Card.

Running Windows XP SP2.

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Okay, thank-you for the information. I prefer having it minimized when started. I've gotta tell you, though, that is definitely not the way utorrent has ever worked for me before, either this, or previous versions, on this system, or my previous Pentium 4-2 GHz computer, with the same O.S.

I have utorrent set to start up with Windows, and it has always started up the way I shut it down. In other words, if the program was running but only a system tray icon was shown, and I shut down my system, or the auto shutdown software turned it off, it would start the same way, as a tray icon with the program not opened.

If, on the other hand, I had the program open in a window for some reason, and chose exit before minimizing the window, when Windows started up, I would have the same size open window showing up on screen. It used to drive me crazy until I realized what was happening.

Regardless, that's just my experience with utorrent, and if that's not the way it's supposed to work, I guess I was just lucky. Thanks for the link to the information on starting minimized!

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