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Port forwarding with Netgear WPN 824


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Port forwarding with Netgear WPN 824

Please help me out, I got problems with port forwarding. I'm using µtorrent 1.5 and recently changed to a new router (Netgear WPN 824).

Using µTorrent Port Checker gives this answer:

"A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 5xxx9 on 8x.2xx.1xx.9x...

Error! Port 5xxx9 does not appear to be open.

Some information:

1) the router is controlled from pc1

2) torrent running on pc2 and pc3

3) IP on pc2: 1x2.1x8.x.3

4) Standard-gateway : 19x.16x.1.1

5) Subnet mask: 2xx.2xx.2xx.0

6) Standard-gateway :

My questions:

1) Can I have different ports on pc 2 and pc3?

2) Witch IP should I put in the box "Server IP address" in this picture :


Thx in advance, all answers is appreciated, I am just a novice to this, but am willing to learn more…

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