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uTorrent knocks out Internet


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I have:

router - Linksys WRT54G ver 8 firmware 8.00.2

modem - Motorola SB5100

OS - Windows 2003 R2 SP2

client - uTorrent 1.7.1 (updated to 1.7.2 just now). All ports are forwarded properly. DHT is off. Global number of connections is 600. Maximum number of connected peers per torrent is 100. Number of upload slots per torrent is 8. Download is unlimited. Upload is limited to 100KB/s.

I have had no problems with downloading different torrents from different trackers what-so-ever until I encountered this one:


Everything was ok for a while, until it reached about 14%. (The speed was not that great: 25-75 kB/s). Than it just knocked out the router. I reseted the router. The router got knocked out again. I changed the router for the NR041. At this moment I noticed that I just can not use Internet while this particular torrent is in downloading state. It just saturates the whole bandwidth. (I have cablevision boost 30Mb/s on 5Mb/s). Even without a router at all it is impossible to use Internet.

I checked the performance counters:

TCPIPv4 Connection Failures, Connections Established and Connections Reset.

It showed a steady increase in Connection Failures (like 1-2 per second) (that looks like normal) and for Connection Established it was around 104.(Now with this torrent being stopped and downloading several others it is around 150 and everything else works fine).

P.S. I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this topic or it should be in Speed Problems. If it is so please move it there. Thank you.

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There are likely hostile "peers" and "seeds" on that torrent that aren't what they claim they are...they're only there to try to foul up your download AND upload...and if given a chance, your whole internet connection. Typically, many of them fall into narrow ip ranges, such as 38.100.x.x or narrower. So look for many peers/seeds with close ip ranges (sort by range to make this easier).

Do you have DHT, UPnP, or Resolve IPs enabled?

(Any of these can overload marginal networking hardware and software.)

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