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Two suggestions to improve "bugs"...


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The FAQ shows that you are aware of the erroneous error message reporting insufficient disk space remaining when files > 4 GB are tried to open under FAT32, but why can't you intercept this error and report it correctly? I really hate BitTorrent, but at least IT gives me a very nice message, right to the point.

(Unfortunately, BitTorrent can't seem to access either of my networked NTFS drives, while uTorrent works like a champ. I LOVE uTorrent, and hope it stays just the way it is post merger.)


Second point:

The FAQ should be available as a stand-alone download. In fact, I think it should be in the original downloaded SETUP package.

I took the liberty of rewriting your FAQ, removing all external links and extraneous JavaScript, and I find that consulting it offline is VERY useful. I believe ALL your uTorrent users would appreciate access to same.

Want me to upload it, and save you guys the 30 minutes of program editing?

Cheers to all, and profound thanks for all your many years of selfless and dedicated work in making uTorrent the best torrent client in the world! We loyal uTorrent users all worry about the merger, but there's no questioning the fact you've done a terrific job so far, and I, for one, hope you've made out financially like a bandit. You deserve to be rewarded, or maybe even knighted.

(Didn't the Queen of England just knight Salmon Rushtie?)

Good luck, and thanks again.

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About the FAT32 thing, it's been suggested before; not sure what the devs said about it (don't recall them really commenting).

As for the FAQ, I was attempting to merge it into the user manual and get it all over with, but it's been a real pain. I might get around to doing it... if I find the motivation some time soon :o The most annoying thing about the merge is the way the questions are organized, because I'm hating how everything is stuffed into one page (I think they need to be split), but some questions feel like they can fit into several categories, and I don't like duplicating information. I have some ideas, but again, motivation is key, and the serious lack of it is hampering my progress in merging the FAQ with the manual :P

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