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Problems w/ already completed torrents trying to redownload (and more)


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I posted a question a couple weeks ago because I had switched from Azureus to UT and all my torrent files had renamed themselves .loaded. I haven't been using UT for awhile, but I started it up today and it prompted me to upgrade to 1.7.1, which I did, and I'm having the same problem. But, I'm also having another related problem.

Some of my previously downloaded torrents have restarted downloading for some reason and created duplicates of the files it already completed in another folder. Here is how I have it setup currently:

I originally started with Shareaza and so I have some of my completed files under F:\Shareaza Downloads\, some completed files are located there and in it's subdirectories. I also created a separate folder when I upgraded to an alpha version of Shareaza called F:\Shareaza Internals\. Under the internals folder, I have 3 separate folders. One is called Downloads (for completed downloads), one is called Incomplete (which holds Shareaza partials that are irrelevant since UT can't access them) and another folder called Torrents, which is where all my torrents are located.

But, under UT Preferences -> Other, I changed the folders to try and avoid this from happening. Here are the settings for that section:

Store .torrent files files in:


Move .torrents for finished jobs to:


Auto-load torrents

Automatically load .torrents in directory:

F:\Shareaza Internals\Torrents

Delete .torrent instead of renaming, when loading is checked

So right now I have all my files paused because I'm so confused. I have a total of 255 torrents that are in various states of transfer. My stats say I'm downloading 234 (which is incorrect, I should only be downloading around 5-10) and I have 21 complete (which is also incorrect, as I'm seeding probably over 200 torrents). I went into my F:\Shareaza Internals\Torrents and used the rename.bat to rename all .torrent.loaded files back to .torrent (all of the files in this folder were named with the extension .loaded). But, I backed them all up before I did that. Now I have around ~50 torrents that have a red X box next to them and simply read "Error:".

What can I do to fix this problem? Is there a way I can tell UT what the path is to the completed files on the torrents that are already downloaded? I right clicked on some of the files looking for a way to try and do this but didn't see one. I would hate to have to delete all the torrents and start reseeding and redownloading my files, since I have so many of them. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Finally, I am also getting yellow triangle network status light in UT, but the port is forwarded in my router and it's open in Windows Firewall (the only software firewall I am using). But, I can still download and upload and DHT says I'm connected to 277 nodes. I know I can make outbound connections because I also use eMule (not at the same time) and it will connect flawlessly to both a server and Kad w/ encryption enabled. So, basically, I'm having all sorts of problems.

Any help, advice, comments, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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