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No Incoming Connections


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Regardless of what modifications I make- I am stuck with a Yellow triangle notifying that there are no incoming connections. I really do appreciate any info that can help me out with this problem- I am just baffled at this point. I've followed all guides on the board to a T (I believe).

Checked my port MANY times under different configurations and cannot verify an open port... I'm using 58000 atm.

I am using ZoneAlarm and PCillin - both of which have been configured to all communication to the port that I have uTorrent set to.

My download rate rarely exceeds 30 kB/s and upload is typically higher.. around 40-60 kB/s. This is all with between 5-8 torrents downloading and about 16 Seeding torrents.

The interesting thing is that with Azureus- I've been able to reach Download speeds as high as 400 kB/s with a single torrent. When I downloaded one of the suggested torrents known for high DL speeds (Open Office) from the link provided in the tutorial I was able to reach only 53 kB/s.

Another example is this- I'm downloading a torrent now that reads this in the Peers Column: 2 (1262) and Seeds: 2 (323) and it's not downloading even though I set it to Forced Start.


OS - XP Pro

ISP - Comcast (Broadband Cable)

Modem - RCA Model DCM305

Router - None

Connection Speed Testing:

D: 14618 U: 1376

D: 14784 U: 1379

D: 13393 U: 1380


Connection Type: 1 Mbit

Max Upload rate: 138 kB/s

Please help guys.... I'm really trying here but I'm not gaining any ground. Thanks

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You sure the measured speeds for your connection aren't a bit high due to ComCast's SpeedBoost feature/s?

I'm on ComCast cable, but I only have 384 kilobits/sec sustained upload bandwidth. It may burst higher than that occasionally, but I can only sustain 40-43 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed in µTorrent.

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I have been able to get a green light on my connection after hours of trial and error.... but it is inconsistent as it unpredictably switches to a yellow triangle- the DL/UL stream is still less than impressive.

Thanks for the help but looks like I should search elsewhere.

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No.. I haven't set my IP to static- I must have missed that on the guide I'll give it a shot.


I tested my connection speed on a website- I understand that Comcast has something called a power boost- but I've tried a wide range of UL/DL settings ... and none seem to improve performance.


Ultima -

I tried setting to a static IP but couldn't establish an connection at all- I don't think that my ISP authorizes Static IP's.

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Thanks Ultima-

The Setup guide gives directions for individuals with routers - I am connected directly from the Modem without the use of a router.

Earlier when I disabled DHCP and entered static IP info the range found in IPCONFIG /ALL I was unable to connect to the internet at all.

Perhaps I am going about something wrong, as far as changing to a static IP.


By the way.... I think that there is something really very wrong here ... because I am getting Uploaded from at over 40 kB/s and Downloading at only around 9 kB/s.

I have never had this many problems with an application before :(

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