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threatening email from internet provider cause utorrent


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i'm fairly new to utorrent.. just got it 3 days ago, and I already recieved an email from my internet provider in representation of paramount pictures.. It basicly said that I'm releasing copyrighted material and said if I don't stop within 24 hours my internet will be disabled and I will have to appear in court...I'm guessing I got caught because I've been leaving my utorrent open 24/7, even though I've only been downloading for about 2 hours a day.. So I've been uploading a lot.. I was uploading about 70kb/s for 72 hours straight.. I don't get it, how am I supposed to seed my files if I can get sued!?

I am really grateful for all the stuff torrent offers so I've been giving back more then I've been recieving which I think is totally appropiate... Well how am I supposed to avoid my internet provider and paramount from threatening me??

Help would be greatly appreciated and take a lot off worrying out of my mind..

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