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Resume torrent from Azareus to uTorrent doesn't seem to work for me


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Hi. Just downloaded uTorrent today. I have read the FAQ and also the uTorrent user manual. I did a forum search for 'resume' and read what I could in various threads. I have also searched google but there is conflicting advice on how to import and resume. Please tell me if I did this right. I have a 3GB torrent loaded into azareus and a few weeks ago I had only downloaded 8mb and then stopped the transfer. I'd created a main folder in program files and named the folder as the name of the application I wanted to download. In it is the torrent file, and also a subfolder with the downloaded RAR files, archives, etc.

Today I loaded the same torrent into uTorrent.

I clicked 'Add Torrent ( no default save )...'

I located and clicked on the torrent file and the 'Add new torrent' box appeared.

I'm not sure what I'm meant to put in the 'Save As' box? The 'Save As' box showed the torrent file name preceeded by a path to C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\Downloads\torrent name.

I unticked 'start torrent'.

I set the download location to be the subfolder. I presume the subfolder is correct because that's where the downloaded files are and also, it wouldn't do a force re-check if I set the download location to the main folder.

Then I did a 'Force Re-Check'.

It did a check and when it reached 100% and stopped, the 'Done' box remained at 0.0%.

I thought the Done box might then show the 8mb, or any number, to confirm it's resuming and not restarting. What did I do wrong then?

I couldn't find any extensions to remove either. Does Azareus do extensions?

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if the subfolder is part of the torrent itself, then you must not point µT into that subfolder since it would look then there for the folder structure.

but if you only have DLed 8mb of a 3gb torrent so far, it is very likely that you havent yet finished any complete piece with this 8mb if the piecesize is for example 1 mb or larger.

Only completed pieces can be hashchecked and could then be counted as already downloaded.

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Well yeah the subfolder must be part of the torrent I guess since it shows me all the various rar files, sfv files, etc that will be useable after the whole torrent is completed. So where do I point µT then? The main folder? I couldn't get it to do a re-check when in the main folder. And why did the 'Save As' box give me a My documents/download path when there is nothing I'd set in the µT preferences/download tab?

I get your point about the 8mb. I guess there's a minimum amount of pieces needed to be downloaded first to show up as resumable. I think that's what you're saying.

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