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Separated language file in simple text format


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How about this idea:

Language files in simple text format

1. Language files in simple text format, that will be compatible with newer versions

format like:


[menu section]




[General tab section]

"Time elapsed"="Осталось"


2. New dialogs will be in default language, but old dialogs - uses language file, so only new dialogs and windows will not translated in new version, but old Language file at most will be work. Translating will be simple.

3. Everyone can make its own language file(!) in small time(!) even with notepad(!).


Saboteur aka Sergey Kulik

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1. They already are in simple text format (although they're not in the form you posted), look in the Translations forum, they are inside the posts 1.2, 1.1.7 and so.

2. It already works like that. Just download the utorrent.exe.lang.txt (rename the file in the language you want to that if differs) of the current version and put it in the same folder with utorrent.exe.

3. The changes now will be a few between versions (at least it's what one can expect from minor changes in the program) you can edit the utorrent.exe.lang.txt and make the changes yourself (you just have to wait until vurlix post the new template in Translations forum inside the new version number).

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Chrono is right..I don't use notepad since I'd rather work with diffs instead translating everything all over again every time a new version is up...but there is no reason notepad could be used as well.

Only the renaming part is somewhat confusing. To be accepted by µtorrent the naming convention of the language file is simply

name of the exe including extension + .lang.txt so if you rename



µtorrent russian.exe

your language file would have to be

µtorrent russian.exe.lang.txt

No big deal...really


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I think saboteur is talking about the .lang file available (at least for older versions at the moment) on the download page. Those are compressed (and hence, binary) files, not plain text.


and now I found new lang.files, so make this discussion closed, thank everyone.

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