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Global Maximum Upload Rate not changing a thing..


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hey guys, im kinda new here and to all of this, so be nice :P

for some reason, my global max upload rate does not affect my download, and my upload rate is always ~1.0 kB/s greater than my global max upload rate, i currently have it set to 10 kB/s and it averages about 11 kB/s... i dont understand whats going on.

also do i always have to keep changing this value for every new torrent i download? my download speed used to go at about 160 kB/s but now it averages about 30 kB/s.. is it just a bad torrent? because im connected to alot of peers and seeds, maybe i dont understand this stuff very well i have provided a screenshot of it, if it can help


as you can see my download is all over the place, its been like this for the past 2 hours too

any help will be very grateful

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