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Not Connecting to available peers


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I'm trying to download a file, and utorrent says that there are 10 peers in the swarm, and the seeds column looks like this: 0(10)

The peers column looks like this: 28(7884)

However, its not connecting to any of the seeds, and the peers connected to varyies by maybe two or three.

The download speed is alternating between 0 and 0.1-1.6kbps (depending on how many peers its connected to, but even these limited speeds last only a few fleeting seconds).

I guess my question would be why can't I connect to the 10 available seeds? And some of the 7884 peers are bound to have the parts I don't have, right? So why can't I connect to the ones that I need either? The download is stuck at 90.1% and I still have 387mb left, so at this rate its going to take a year and a half to get.

If it matters, I am using a proxy.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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If you're stuck at a particular percentage for a long time (despite the torrent appearing to have seeds, it's possible the torrent is fake. Look at the Peers tab, sort by %, and if you see a lot of people stuck at the same amount, it probably is.

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