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Hollywood jumps on the Internet2 bandwagon


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Right now some universities, businesses, science labs (not sure about other types of organizations) use Internet2. I read in either Network World or Computer World that the RIAA, MPAA, are going to be using Internet2 to "help deliver better protected content".

Its already too easy to get owned using p2p and Internet2. Now with them jumping on to help deliver protected media, all I can say is..........

some news on it at slyck:


An interesting excerpt from the slyck story:

"Back in April 2005, the so-called father of the Internet, Dr Vinton Cerf, claimed that Hollywood was keen to embrace BitTorrent as a method of movie distribution.

"I know personally for a fact that various members of the movie industry are really getting interested in how to use the Internet--even BitTorrent--as a distributed method for distributing content - I've spoken with several movie producers in the last month, he said."

If u cant beat em, join em. Then beat em lol

But hey, its not a bad thing. It all depends on what YOU use Bittorrent for

Im screwed to hell if they start using bittorrent


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Im screwed to hell if they start using bittorrent

why? :P

BitTorrent is a good idea, but I'd imagine they'd want to modify it in some way so that it has DRM built in to it. :/ Having DRM on the files is not good enough for them, methinks. I suppose the only way they could do that is to write their own custom tracker with BT "extensions" and a client that could cooperate with those extensions.

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