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Torrent stops when more disk space is unavailable


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Hi !

uTorrent stops when more disk space is unavailable.

This sounds reasonable, but consider the following example:

- It has just started on a 4 GB torrent.

- It allocates 3 GB , and everything is fine.

- It has downloaded maybe 200MB and then one of the next pieces is in a file that is not allocated, so it tries to allocate that, and it can't, because there is no more disk space.

SO, instead of just continuing to download the other 3 GB while the user is sleeping or at work or school, it just stops.

A more effective software behavior would be to continue downloading in the files that have already been allocated (and thus not waste the entire day or night). In other words, it would treat the files for which space could not be allocated in the same way it would treat files that had been marked "don't download" in the file priority.

An alternate behavior would be to pop up a message "not enough disk space for this torrent to finish" when the "start" button is first pressed.

Yes, depending on your definition, this might not be a bug per se, but the "feature request" forum is very unfriendly - people post negative messages on other threads so that their favorite request does not have competition (talk about having no lives !).

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I don't know...whatever happened to the ide to have 4 GB of space on your drive if you intent to download a 4GB torrent (the final size of a file is not exactly a secret, you know)

Imagine this: the segments/blocks of the file(s), listed in a torrent are not downloaded in the correct order. so how would any program be able to sort them out later on if not putting them in the correct "location"..you'd have to maintain another table which holds the block number and the new position on your drive (not to mention that in the end you would need 2x4GB to sort it out...so that can't be a solution)

Now you expect the program to keep track of you limited space and only downloading blocks up to a certain number?...Sure it is doable if you add some code...but why??

If you know from the start, that you don't have enough space right now, why not simply go into files and flag the last few as "Do not download"

Later on...when you freed up the missing space just remove that flag and you're right where you want to be.


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Not sure if this is correct but,

i think you need twice the size of the file you are downloading on the HDD.

This is due to the fact that in the code a file should be copied to a new location when finished.

Also your computer uses virtual memory, page file, trash can reserve, and all this is allocated harddrive space that is not used up yet. Therefore you may be told you have 3 gig left, but the system may be holding it in reserve.

Hope this helps

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Its an option in the code. Its a nice feature to use because all your completed files are in one place away from the part downloaded ones.

I don't use it myself, cos you need to extract the files anyway.

I was just giving ideas to why the problem occured, and it sill may be a valid point.

Like i said i hope it helped, even if not correct. The simple solution is to backup files to hardcopy and defrag the HDD. Space and speed increase. :)

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